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Upon walking through the doors of el ÀBaC, you instantly notice the emphasis on detail in every aspect of his restaurant.

We met Jordi Cruz in the breakfast room of his restaurant and hotel, where he also answered our questions and posed for a photoshoot with the photographer Paul Hyde.

When we first entered the room, Jordi had a serious appearance, even a bit cold, reflecting his thoroughness and professionalism. However, the interview quickly became more personal and intimate than we had expected as Jordi was showing us who he truly is behind cameras.

A prominent professional, who is independent, ambitious and critical of himself and his collaborators. He is competitive and persistent in nature, yet simultaneously humble and natural, making him an accessible and passionate person. The essential ingredients in Jordi Cruz’s kitchen without a doubt include tremendous determination and initiative, as well as humility and curiosity. There aren’t any qualities which are more important. Cruz explains, “Strength resides in a balanced character. A chef must unite the various distinct characters.”

He modestly accepts the consequences that comes with his popularity. His appearance as a judge in the hit TV show MasterChef Spain, forces him to be in the limelight and experience all that it entails. He doesn’t mind it, however he recognizes fame is not fundamental. Although he may look quite young, he presents himself with maturity and poise. He reflects on the first plate of food he ever served, he was only 7 years old. He depicts a much younger Jordi, cloth in hand, serving a plate of green beans and potatoes to his mother, which at that instant accurately predicted, “you will be a chef!”

The chef describes himself as independent, “like a cat,” he explains. Being the youngest of four brothers, he was always surrounded by older people. This explains his reasoning for always thinking like an adult, and maturing faster than people of his age. He also describes himself as competitive. “I am not a good loser, I am a very stubborn in that aspect. You can say I’m the worse rival to have.” With a firm stare and a smile on his face he says, “I never tire.”

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